Crystals For Healing

Crystals have been known to be used for their energy properties since ancient times. The personal energy signature we vibrate at may influence the experiences, people and situations we attract in our lives. Each crystal is know to have a unique structure and healing frequency and it’s this special resonance that may give the crystal its healing power. When crystals are used they may help bring the body’s energy systems back into balance and stimulate the body’s natural healing processes so that we may heal physically, emotionally and spiritually. Crystals are known to help match our energy with theirs, so they are literally Raising Our Vibes!

~ Here at Blue Sky1111 we do our best to utilize high quality ethically sourced crystals for all of our jewelry. Every item is created with positive intention & love. It is important to note that there may be many more metaphysical healing properties than listed, just go with your gut and choose what catches your eye.

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~All stones used are all natural and may very in color and or have minor imperfections. (Meaning: some may look slightly different then in the photos.)

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