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Blue Sky1111

Crown Chakra Opener

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Made with 8mm beads on extra strong and stretchy 100% polyester string.

The Crown Chakra is connected to spirituality and enlightenment. It is associated with the element of thought, and its energy center controls your connection to spirit, as well as your sense of universal consciousness, wisdom, unity, and self-knowledge.

Auralite-23 is an excellent tool for spiritual healing and brings about inner purification. It increases our psychic sensitivity, offers insights into truth, enhances lucid dreaming, creates balanced awakenings, and manifests experiences with our angels and of visions of future events. Auralite-23 helps us remember our past lives, the associated karma, and helps us release those old karmic patterns. It can facilitate deep meditation. It brings about an inner focus that helps us delve far into the highest realms and focuses our inner spirit toward the abundance that is present around us.

Selenite is well known for its ability to cleanse the energy of other crystals. In addition to its cleansing properties, Selenite can also assist the beholder to connect to the spiritual realm. Selenite is one of the purest crown chakra gems you can find. Selenite is soaked in the elements of truth, integrity, and positive power. It helps you step into the light and to live an insightful, purpose driven life that makes space for higher thinking, it also helps you to tune in to higher frequencies.

Clear Quartz is a sublime master healer on many different levels. This crystal gets to work on all chakras, removing blockages and making sure that energy can flow with the force of a fine spring melt. Clear Quartz brings you in to sit with your higher self and readies you for the experience of an open mind and an open heart. It opens the crown and welcomes that light to flow right through, awakening dormant dreams and desires and filling every inch of your physical and spiritual self with purpose and power.

Howlite knows to reach out and hold on to those higher frequencies, making it a great stone for those who want to cleanse their crown chakra and make deeper spiritual connections. Channeling your meditative practice with Howlite close to hand forges new pathways into higher plains.