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Blue Sky1111

Release Anger

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Made with 8mm beads on extra strong and stretchy 100% polyester string.

Aquamarine is one of the most powerful stones for stimulating and cleaning the Throat Chakra, the Chakra of Communication. When this Energy Center is unbalanced, it can be hard to control your temper. Harsh words and behaviors are often the result. By surrounding you in a calming energy, aquamarine unblocks the Throat Chakra and releases anger. As a result, you become less judgmental and more tolerant. With renewed sensitivity and compassion towards others, aquamarine promotes peaceful communication.

Rose Quartz has a wonderful ability to encourage self-love. Negative self-talk can make us feel unworthy. This leads to self-sabotaging behaviors that can impact your relationships and outlook on life. By seeing the beauty in yourself, you’ll be able to forgive yourself and others. This releases anger and resentment that you’ve stored over years. Rose quartz also radiates compassion. Use this healing crystal to bring unconditional love to relationships and relieve stress-induced arguments.

Blue Kyanite resonates beautifully with mental awareness and logical thought, which allows arguments to be resolved diplomatically. Being a stone for the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, it gives clarity when in an argument. This defuses anger and frustration, whilst enabling you to remain on topic. As a result, you’ll be able to give a more considered response. If you want to speak your truth in a thoughtful and non-confrontational way, you couldn’t ask for a more perfect crystal than Blue Kyanite.

Blue Lace Agate dissolves the urgent need to react, giving you time to choose a more appropriate response. It’s a high vibrational crystal that aligns you with a higher state of consciousness. This means you can respond with grace, rather than aggression. This Stone of Articulation can also neutralizes angry words. If you often struggle to make your point in a kind manner, or feel rushed during an argument, Blue Lace Agate is a wonderful crystal to use.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of awareness, it helps you to remain calm during anger-inducing conversations. Pent up anger and frustration can result in losing your temper. It’s a bit like a ‘pressure cooker’ effect. When the next disagreement happens, this buildup makes it impossible to contain the anger any longer and so you shout. This doesn’t help the situation or allow your true feelings to be expressed. By activating the Throat Chakra and Third Eye, Lapis Lazuli can release this anger.

Amethyst is a brilliant crystal for anger, particularly if your emotions are unstable. It’s a high vibrational gemstone with an outer-worldly energy that relays a calming influence. Through stabilizing your emotions and clearing away unkind vibrations, you’ll regain composure, which will help to stem any aggressive or violent tendencies. Use Amethyst for fair decision making and for controlling your temper.

Smoky Quartz is an excellent stone for anger, as it dissolves emotional blockages in the Root Chakra. This helps you to let go of feelings of mistrust, resentment and other negative emotions that hold you back from ‘seeing’ the truth. Negativity and anger can weigh heavily on the aura. Smoky Quartz will help ground you.