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Blue Sky1111

Root Chakra Healing

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Made with 8mm beads on extra strong and stretchy 100% polyester string.

Red Jasper is reported to increase emotional focus and balance. It is reported to remove negative energy, worry, emotional stress, anxiety and confusion. Red Jasper is great for anxious mood, emotional frustrations, thought clarity, general mood balancing energies and channeling. Red Jasper is said to increase emotional stamina, self confidence, self-trust, emotional protection, courage, balance, calm and relaxation.

Garnet is a rare and rousing root chakra gem that is all regenerative energy. Forever the life bringer, Garnet raises low energy and supports you across the spectrum of emotional and physical health. For those who feel like their sense of courage and strength has deserted them, Garnet glows at the core to give you the power rise once more.

Smoky Quartz is stone that not only connects and clears the root chakra but it works with the crown chakra too. Smoky Quartz has a deep connection with the earth but also carries that classic quartz family energy of being a mega amplifier and messenger to the universe. It teaches us to let go of that which doesn’t serve us and helps us to clearly see the pathways we want to take. It has a gentle energy meaning that it dissolves blocks without causing emotional upset. If a deep breath was a stone it would surely be Smoky Quartz.

Hematite is all about neutralizing the negative. This stone is an effective sweeper of the root chakra as it borrows energy from your aura and filters it through that base chakra until you are back in balance again. Hematite is amazing at keeping you grounded in the here and now. It is awesome for reminding you to be in the moment you are in and not the moment you think you’re in. This stone of the mind ensures that you master your mind before it masters you.