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Blue Sky1111

Sacral Chakra Bracelet

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Made with 8mm beads on extra strong and stretchy 100% polyester string.

Leopard Skin Jasper is a stone of support and it will keep you stable in all aspects of life. Keep it with you at all times to ensure you are surrounded by happy, positive, and peaceful energies. Allow this stone to clear the way and lead you to your true authentic self.

Sunstone Improves confidence, leadership qualities and enthusiasm levels are all crucial elements to an open sacral chakra. The energetic sunstone, which comes in a range of colors, is an amazing crystal to aid in that empowering journey. If you lack confidence, or are struggling to maintain your true personality around others, in a platonic or romantic relationship, sunstone is one of the best sacral chakra crystals to combat those obstacles.

Carnelian is the perfect place to start in your journey to unlock your sacral chakra. It is known for aiding in creative pursuits like art, music, and theater. Additionally, it is excellent for achieving sexual balance. This is the perfect stone to motivate you towards your goals and aspirations while encouraging confidence back into your life.

Tigers Eye helps wash away negative energy, digs deep into the sacral chakra, and let self-confidence soar. This stone comes with plenty of emotional healing properties and helps the wearer to stay strong, centered and connected to their core regardless of the chaos that surrounds them. When feeling blocked, the energy of Tiger’s Eye can also cut straight through that lack of motivation and help shift focus by encouraging a more active approach to life.